PIECES -  Horror Anthology Vol 1-3

PIECES -  Horror Anthology Vol 1-3

Burning Witches return to the coven with 3 new horror releases. Specifically timed for the season and to commemorate how it all began for Burning Witches with horror themed cassettes of imagined movies. This time, All of Them Witches and BurningTapes bring along some friends, in the form of Deadly Avenger, Repeated Viewing, Graham Reznick and Espectrostatic.

6 individual EPs have been packaged into 3 split cassette releases, each side to complement the other.

The 3 volumes comprise of 20 minutes of horror from each artist. Releasing 1 week apart from Oct 12th up to 26th, it will get you chilled to the bone in time for Halloween.

Vol 1
Repeated Viewing / BurningTapes

Vol 2
Espectrostatic / All of Them Witches

Vol 3
Deadly Avenger / Graham Reznick

Cassettes come in a blood-soaked colour shell with “O” card slipcase, plus download card. Artwork by Luke Insect. Each volume is limited to 120 copies worldwide.

Volume 1 is available Friday 12th October 10am BST with immediate shipping. In addition a limited number of complete sets (volumes 1,2 and 3) will be available to buy Friday 12th from burningwitchesrecords.com and bandcamp

Volume 2 will be available from 19th Oct
Volume 3 will be available from 26th Oct

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