Isvisible Isinvisible Cassette

Isvisible Isinvisible Cassette


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Modular synthesis recorded live with no overdubs. Reflecting 2 sides of the same persona. Invisible brings you Krautrock influences, whilst Isinvisible ushers in the ambient soundscapes. With close to 90mins of music split into 2 albums (one per cassette side). With artwork by Hauntlove.

We present this essential synth double album on digital and cassette for the first time in two variants -

Isvisible variant - turquoise tape shell with transparent orange case
Isinvisible variant - Orange tape shell with transparent turquoise case
Each cassette variant is limited to 55 copies.

Colour Variant:
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Artwork by Hauntlove
Mastered by BurningTapes

All sounds generated/processed by:

Bandive Accessit - Stereo Spring Reverb
Eventide - Digital Delay Model 1745M
Folktek - Mescaline
Ibanez - AD-202
Ibanez - HD-1000
Korg - DRV-1000
Marshall - Time Modulator Model 5002
Modular Synthesiser
Oakley Sound Systems - ARP Omni Ensemble
Powertran - Delay Line
Roland - DEP-3
Roland - DEP-5
Roland - Dimension D SDD-320
SoundMaster - Memory Rhythm SR-88
Tapco - 4400 Spring Reverberation System
Touched By Sound - Syncussion DRM-1
Wurlitzer - Swingin’ Rhythm