Deadly Avenger - IAGYAJ Bundle (vinyl & cassette)

Deadly Avenger - IAGYAJ Bundle (vinyl & cassette)


“A beautiful Electro-minimalist homage to one of mankind’s most grandiose creations.”

- Vehlinggo

Deadly Avenger is back, and this time to decimate your speakers with the raw throb and full-on heft of heavy drums and synth in a perfectly executed album dedicated to the power of the mighty Gojira.

'I AM GODZILLA, YOU ARE JAPAN' is an ode to the King of Monsters. Loud, brash and big, it’s a pure statement that Deadly Avenger is coming for you.

Burning Witches Records present this monster album in two formats – vinyl, and very limited cassette.

Vinyl version is colour in colour; crystal clear with pink. Comes with double sided insert and download card. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Cassette version is available on green shell and slip case “o” card. Includes full download and limited to 70 copies worldwide.

All artwork by Luke Insect.

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