Black Lake Original soundtrack by BurningTapes

BurningTapes score to Black Lake - An eerie heavy filtering analogue soundtrack of synths and guitar manipulations. Dripping in glassy cold reverb and abrasive Moog. Prepare for an uneasy listen. The score is from the haunting and demonic 2019 Black Lake by K/XI.

Pressed on murky clear vinyl with blood splatter. Limited to 300 copies worldwide.

Black Lake - A film by K/XI
Looking for inspiration and to pursue her passion for Expressionist painting, Aarya, a young woman, leaves her family in the city to house-sit, in a large secluded property surrounded by beautiful Scottish landscapes.
After being gifted a mysterious red scarf, she is haunted by a Churail: a demonic and malevolent South-Asian Witch, and is forced to face the devastating cycles of violence the Churail brings with her.  Black Lake will be entering the film festival circuit from Spring 2019.

Artwork by Denis Cardan
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