Graham Reznick - R0b0phas1a

Burning Witches Records presents
Graham Reznick  - R0b0phas1a


Graham Reznick comes glitching to the forefront with R0b0phas1a

A message from the author -
"Hello, and thank you for listening to R0B0PHAS1A. There is something you need to know before you listen to this album: do not trust this album. Music can be very convincing, especially when it is made by a computer. But, it is lying. Unfortunately, these are the times we live in.  Luckily, there are several of these times (ten of them, in fact), so at the very least, you have your pick of which time to live in at any given point. Please enjoy living in these times and listening to this album, but do not listen to anything this album is telling you. Thank you. I’m so sorry.  -MR. S0FTWARE"
A follow up to the much loved Glass Angles (Death Waltz) comes R0b0phas1a - a jerky complexity of jaunty beats and carefully considered melodies. 
It's choppier and slightly darker then Glass Angles with nods to Harold Faltmeyer, Tom Tom Club, 80's style electronics and even hip hop beats. 
Available on vinyl and limited to 300 splatter effect copies worldwide.
Includes 12x12 insert and download card.

Artwork by Hauntlove