Deadly Avenger - I Am Godzilla, You Are Japan (BW014)

Burning Witches Records presents Deadly Avenger - I AM GODZILLA, YOU ARE JAPAN.
This monster album comes in two formats - vinyl, and very limited cassette. Vinyl version is colour in colour; crystal clear with pink. Comes with double sided insert and download card. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. Cassette version is available on green shell and slip case “o” card. Includes full download and limited to 70 copies worldwide.

Artwork by Luke Insect.

A beautiful Electro-minimalist homage to one of mankinds most grandiose creations.
- Vehlinggo

Available here Friday 1st June 10am BST with immediate shipping.

Track listing -
1.Destroyer of Planets 02:18    
2.Kill All Kaiju 03:10    
3.Skit_Fate of Ishiro 01:17        
4.See You In Montauk 02:43    
5.IAGYAJ 02:30    
6.Skit_Cult of Cobra 01:05    
7.Bones 03:20    
8.Dorothy's Fortress 03:05    
9.Skit_Ishiro's Dream 01:27    
10.Invincible Preying Mantis 03:03    
11.Mutante 02:49        
12.The Death of Ishiro 04:22